Sunday, December 21, 2008


When i had my bath this morning I knew it was the begining of a spécial day for me.
I was dressed with some shinning staff and went for a ride in car: wonderfull.
It was pure joy when we met with Tom, but it was not counting to Tarak who I didn't know and our discovery wasn't with a smile.
So I had an accident in the lounge (poo....!!!)

Tom was a perfect host, and I sniffed myself the quality of the food & drink...

It was fun to run everywhere in the middle of the two legged, but I have to say iI slipped out for a short escape....

But the best ever was the cuddles on the sofa (Thank you Linda) with the King of the Kings :
Sen Chan on the other side of the sofa...

Tama Chan appeared at the end of the afternoon, when the lounge was less busy and people disponible for herself...
We had great time with #1 hospitality.

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Anonymous said...

You look wonderfully Chrismassy in your gold ribbon and bauble! :))
And it sounds like you had a just perfect time! ( even if there were little accidents :)