Wednesday, October 22, 2008

La Princesse après La Petite Princesse

Puppies have certainly Tom in their dreams, but like puppies they just enjoy the present time : playing, eating & sleeping in the sun.

We -the abys- miss Little Princess a lot, but we are happy to receive news every day. In fact I can say - me Key- returned to my rank and I'm happy to be the only Princess here.
But it doesn't mind I want to stay, i have some travel plans & kept ready....


Lois Lane/Laney said...

Playing, eating & sleeping in the sun sounds good to me!

Sen and Tom said...

We can see that you are happy to have regained your status, Key, but we are a little mad at you for having been mean to our little princess sister before she left!

Tom can't wait to see the puppies again on Sunday!

Sen-Chan and Tom (and the little princess!)

Isis said...

Key is gorgeous, what fantastic colour she has! I do so hope that my next daughter(s) are more her colour than my 1st daughter Delta Peach was, as it would make Mummy very happy indeed! :)

Don't worry about Little Princess, I promise to keep an eye on her and I know my sweet Sen-Chan will make a lovely brother for her, once she stops hissing at him! ;)