Thursday, October 9, 2008


The day was perfect! Sunny all the day , the kids-dogs went outside for a pic-nic.

We decided to join, we escaped to met the three boys, we know dog's food is allways better than our.

The boys were nice to us, I think they were proud of our elegant compagny
And , yes the food was great, milky ad tasty!
It was fun to share , and the boys were galant, they said "start first..."
I'm sure they fall in love, they loose their appetite...
Then Bhramma et sa Poule came.
They are not invited. We know them, they are "pique-assiette" and it was for kids only.


Sen and Tom said...

Wonderful photos! It looks like such a great picnic! Will have another one tomorrow? We will come and visit!!!

Tom and #1
(and guess who will be left home alone AGAIN......)

Petey said...

That little ruddy kitten looks just like Mica as a toddler. And has one of Vivi's pups turned light brown? We thought they were all black as babies.

Can we join you for the next pique-nique?

Your pals,

Petey and Mica

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Those pictures are SO cute. I want to sniff that chicken. Yummy!


Winterdark said...

I want to know who won in that last picture. It looked like that rooster was going to challenge the baby-pei.

Isis said...

It looks like you kids had a wonderful time today, just don't let my brother Ramses see those chickens, ok! You see he has a bit of a "thing" about chickens and feathers... ;)