Friday, March 6, 2009

Water and green eyes

Green eyes and smiles.....

Uncle's U said
"- Tortues and Abys are close. Proves are the green eyes and their love of water...."

But me (May) I can say Sidonie (the tortue) is my friend, i allready take her off the water to play.....I think we have the same face, but why Sidonie lost her ears?


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh look at those lovely eyes you have.

Tom and Tama-Chan said...

It is a great mystery where the turtle's ears went!

It's nice to see photos of you, my sister!


Petey said...

Sidonie has to be the cutest turtle we've ever seen. Such a nice smiling face!

And Mommy can't turn on a water tap anywhere without MIca sticking his head under it. Nice to see some Aby solidarity!

Your pals,

Petey and Mica