Sunday, September 14, 2008


Waouhhh!! We got an award! Thank you very much Tom & Sen-Chan, we love your blog too.
ViVi: Sorry for the bloggers, i didn't post a lot the past few days, i was quite busy, the reason is on this photo. I'm very proud to present my three sons.


Sen and Tom said...

They are magnificent! I got to meet them in person and they are cute as anything!


Petey said...

Fantastique!!! Ils sont tres grande and tres beau!

Congratulations, Vivi, on a job well done!

Your pals,

Oncles Petey et Mica

Shadow / Molly said...

Hi Vivi! We just came across yoo and had to say Hi! Your kits are furry handsome. They made the mom squeeeeee acuz they is so cute. (She hadid an Aby cat until recently. TT had to cross the bridge in July.)

Concatulations on yoo's award!

Molly and Shadow

Stanislaw said...

Congratulations! I wish I were there to play. Babies are super fun to chase and wrestle with! Well... maybe once they can do things like see and walk... I'll wait.

Congrats again!