Sunday, September 28, 2008



I missed a lot yesterday....
The place was looking magnificent...."Les haras nationaux du Pin".
Some carriages were showed after a race running more than 300 kms and who was remaining the old times when horses were used to carry fresh fish from the sea to the middle of the country in a very short time. This race is called "La route du poisson" ("the road of the fish")

Horses are groomed to have a better look. Each breeder has is own colors and technics to weave this heavy hair

Because Percherons are mostly grey or sometime black, red is a nice color to enhance the lines.

and the staff from "Percheron association" wear red jackets too
The shop was very busy selling goods related to "Percherons"
It was many dogs happy to be there
it was some thirsty time to everyone
It was many many differents breeds in dogs and only "Percherons" in horses,
not every dog pretend to be a "top-show", it was a horse's competition after all,
Carriages bucking on the green
Some happy dog helping for driving
When others follow by running (don't care been short legged).....
a handsome giant betwen the giants....
A very tiny Pal
this girls share the same hairdresser & great love.....
Some foals prefer to lay down

and some found a more confortable and secure rest
They are a pair ready for harnessing
This one has a clever look....
and this one is blunted or dream to the hunting's party for tomorrow (sunday)
because hunting is open again.....

Visit our blog again , some stunning photos are coming soon


Sen and Tom said...

It truly was a fabulous day for EVERYONE!!! I love the photos!


Petey said...

Votre photographies sont magnifique!

Between Tom and Sen-Chan's photos and yours, I feel like I've had a "petit vacance" to Perche.

That was very interesting about hauling the fish from the coast to Perche. There's a fish called a "perch" - wonder if that's where the name comes from?

Thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend!

Your pals,

Petey and Mica

AB clan said...

Hi Petey,
Je crains que "LA perche poisson" et "LE Perche région" n'aient rien en commun;..;
La Route du Poisson est une epreuve qui va de Boulogne/mer à Chantilly près de Paris, donc la route ne passe pas dans Le Perche....
your Pal