Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday news

It's a sunny Sunday, but cold and windy, we were all allowed to have a nap outside.

We, kiities, had an extra cheese, you know French cheese: "La Vache qui rit" ? we love it so much....., so we had a little fight to the plate and went the head soiled by the cream

and it was a big work to clean up - since ViVi is busy with
her puppies-

Mom can check: any vestige left!

BUT, but ! The surprise of the day are these sweet chicks....
After all we are #1's porvveyor for cats & eggs!

Et toutes des blondes!!!!


Sen and Tom said...

Mais on ne s'ennuye pas chez vous! Les petits travaillent tous très dur à leur toilette! C'est bien! Quant aux poussins, encore des petitis mignons! C'est l'embaras du choix!

Isis said...

Mmmm... yummy French cheese!!! Ok I admit I have a thing for cheese and yoghurt, I just can't help myself I just have to have some it's so yummy! :)